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Customer Loyalty and Retention:1 to 4 hours

What is customer loyalty and how does it differ from customer satisfaction? This training-topic will allow you to understand the ‘distinct but not so subtle’ differences between Customer Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction. It explores why Loyalty is the metric of choice, and what are its key drivers. Also included is the financial value of loyalty to companies, consultants, and individuals and common pitfalls of customer loyalty surveys.


The workshop discusses what is customer loyalty and how differs from customer satisfaction. It includes the Kano model of demand and touches on how marketing messages impact expectations and loyalty. Also included are the key pitfalls to be avoided when designing a survey. (word-weighting, end-anchored scales, etc).


It provides an over view of key elements of loyalty and its management process, and sets the participants up to be able to ‘ask the right questions’ about their satisfaction and loyalty process.

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