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Pre-Emptive Six Sigma © Tools for risk management in support of ISO 2015 : 2 days

This workshop covers the most powerful (but non-statistical!) Six Sigma tools to be used for risk management and avoiding problems. How often have you had to play Monday-morning quarterback or  heard someone say "What happened?" as a result of being surprised by an unintended consequence?  A consequence as a result of a poorly thought-out or incompletely thought-out decision or action?


The session reviews and practices ten, interrelated and supporting problem avoidance and decision making tools based on assessment of risk. At the end of this session the participants will be able to lead their own staff in the use of these tools with the result being:

 - More, well thought-out decisions

 - Avoidance of negative, unintended consequences

 - An ability to make a decision based on an assessment of risk, as well as of benefit

 - A show-of-use as your company moves to, or maintains, to the ISO 2015 standard(s)

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