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Communicating with Impact: Interpersonal Communication Skills for Women: 1/2 day

The basic skills which determine our communication patterns and ‘first impressions’ for women are set very early in life. They are designed to facilitate our entry into a distinctly male / female world, and not set up to help for entry into a working, ‘gender-neutral’ world. Think of the riddle; what does a man do on standing up, a dog do on 3 legs, and a woman do sitting down….. Shake hands. (!). And yet a handshake is usually the point at which a first impression is made; so ‘sitting’ (a subservient position) isn’t necessarily best.


This course will help with the setting of positive, powerful, business-impressions for women as it helps with:

  1. Introductions: including how to offer a ‘professional’ handshake and how to greet clients, customers, …ANYone.
  2. Communicating: Avoiding the wimp words of ….I feel/believe/hope and move to I know/suggest/have discovered
  3. Getting your points across: Learn how     Seeing, Hearing and Kinesthetic word choices facilitate effective communication
  4. Commanding an important meeting: When to sit, stand, lean forward, lean back,
  5. The ‘fun’ categorizations of Military talk, Sex talk and Sport talk

And also will

  1. Touch on male/female stereotypical traits and how they match (or not) to the

       preferred traits of a good leader/manager

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