operations, quality, loyalty


 Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Retention programs

 Customer surveys and competititve analysis

 Certified Quality Engineer Refresher Training

 Problem Solving and Root cause analysis management

 Lean and Kaizen events, Statistical analysis of data, Design of Experiments, Data mining

 Teambuilding, Decision making, Communicating for change

 Process and operational improvements

 Six Sigma and Lean training and deployment

 Management by Fact,  Balanced Scorecard and Dashboard implementation

 Sponsorship and coaching of Green Belt/Black Belt projects, and/or for certification

 Product Commercialization Process training, Readiness Reviews (product  development & phase gates)

 Management coaching and mentoring in the areas of operationsl and quality

 Retained and interim COO services


In-house Green Belt / White Belt Certification Program


A customized, company-branded program* with facilitated support to the projects and problem-solving activities needed to ensure knowledge, use and 'pay back'. Contact us for details.

    * Brands materials with your company name, logo, and uses industry-specific examples for the training.

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