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Lean, Six Sigma Tools for Executives: 4 hours

Many companies and leaders shy away for using or even learning about Lean / Six Sigma due to the beliefs that these concepts are a) Hard, b) Not applicable for my business (we’re different) or c) Are too bureaucratic. None of these are true.


This presentation provides a senior-level view of what is Lean and Six Sigma and why they can and DO help make just about any business or entity perform better, make fewer mistakes, keep more customers, and save more money.


At the end of the session attendees will be familiar with what is Lean and Six Sigma, how they relate, and which tools are the easiest to use. They will be able to walk away with a ready-now tool box to help their staffs and organizations find the true root causes of (recurring) problems and how to find out if there was the right level of due-diligence before a solution was implemented.

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